Castello di Seminò

The property
Seminò Castle is an age-old medieval fort that was erected in the splendid vineyards of the rolling Piacentine countryside. Its history began in the 11th century and, over the years, has welcomed several illustrious guests, among them numerous Popes, bishops and emperors, among them Federico II of Sweden and Margherita of Austria, the wife of Duke Ottavio Farnese. The sweeping brickwork steps, that substituted the original drawbridge, leads us into the fort. The fort’s construction frames a garden and features a 15th-century gallery. Seminò Castle is the perfect setting for a romantic wedding, party or events including exhibitions, plays, concerts, wine tastings, conferences, company events and photoshoots. On many occasions, it has been an important stop on the Valtidone Festival and the Calici di Stelle. You will not regret opting for Seminò Castle as its medieval charm with transport you into a dimension somewhere between past and present. What is certain is that the experience will be truly memorable.  


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