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Agreeable, relaxing, carefree and joyful: this is what it feels like to spend time at La Barlocca, immersed in stunning scenery. Our kitchen produces simple, fresh and traditional dishes from the Piacenza area, with original touches. The accent is on quality and seasonal produce and ingredients. For enograstronomists attending lunch, dinner, ceremonies and special occasions, we offer menus that can be personalised to suit your tastes, combined with wines from our Tenuta La Ferraia In summer, a lawn flanking our location can be used to organise parties, birthdays and other get-togethers, all surrounded by the majestic hills of Valtidone. We take great pleasure in offering you the chance to spend carefree days getting to know our area.


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Località Pollo di Seminò (Ziano) +39.0523 863332